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Awaken your personal spirituality!

Many healers hold spiritual aspects of healing to be even more important than physical changes. Science has been skeptical of subjects like spirituality that it cannot measure and which it considers, pejoratively, to be 'mystical.' Studies confirm many of these phenomena and there is evidence for survival of the spirit after death. Studies also confirm that religious affiliation and practice are correlated with better health. Spiritual awareness and healing awaken and strengthen our personal connection to transcendent realms of being. We are all intimate parts of the All, and participate in the creation of spiritual realities. We are part of the collective consciousness that guides evolution through participatory intelligent design. This is a hypothesis that can be tested, and for which there is already considerable evidence. Through personal spirituality we sense our intimate connection and relationship with each other - both personally and across cultural and national boundaries. Through personal spirituality we sense our part in the world of Nature - and can respond to the needs of our local and planetary environment. We can bring peace and healing to our world at all levels.

Love & Light Liv Thompson


When we see God in each other we will be able to live in peace.
Mother Teresa