At the Celestine Center of Healing Arts
we are offering many new modalities of the
Holistic Alternative Nature.

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We are all Certified Professional people and we are proud to bring to Redding some of the cutting edge works in the field of Integrative and Alternative Healing.

Guided Imagery taught by Liv Thompson Clinical Hypnotherapist


Holistic Medicines are based on a wonderful premise is all The Miracle in Your Mind
You already have everything you need to be well.

In my Hypnotherapy practice I have experienced miracles when the underlying "cause" is released. And the really good news is that your subconscious already knows what the problem is and how to clear it up! So simple, and yet so many continue to suffer.

I think it takes courage to be sick and suffer through the painful and recurring illnesses, but it takes even more courage to make a decision to get to the true source of the problem. Once that decision has been made, the physiological changes can occur. If you are suffering and have not been able to find path to healing, please call me. I will listen and answer your questions in a no cost, no obligation consultation. You don't have to live with pain, sickness and disease. Choose health!

A holographic connection between mind and body, then applies the cellular communication through this holographic grid. The program also accesses the "blueprint" of the brain when it had all the information for YOUTHFUL cellular structure, and asks the brain to apply this YOUTH blueprint to the current condition. Some people experience miracles when this inner wisdom is accessed.

The targeted hologram track will allow you to create a specific change in great
detail to the targeted area of your body. Apply this to vision, or skin problems, or the site of an injury, or to heal rapidly after surgery... or any part of the body that needs intense healing.
Hypnotic exercise will program muscles for growth- even without actual exercise. Research from Manchester University in England has proven that muscles achieve over 50% of the size increase and strength from visualizing alone, as compared to doing the actual exercise.

This program is a breakthrough in the integration of a Youthful body, promoting health and healing from an injury, and promoting the optimum condition in your mind and body for health, strength and youth.

The subconscious mind can access the function of immune factors, cellular growth, hormonal balance, blood flow, oxygen supply to cells, affecting bacteria and viruses, and more... to achieve a condition in the body for optimum health.